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Give your Child

Give your Child

Hurry! This offer is strictly limited to our next 13 students only

Give your child a head start on 2024

Dear parents,

Ever worried about your precious little ones coming home from school with teary eyes, bruises, and not wanting to go back the next day? It’s every parent’s worst nightmare…

Team Compton Kids is dedicated to empowering kids; to stop this from happening. We know confident kids have the advantage - in the playground and the classroom.


In just a single session, you’ll see how quickly you can give your child the joy of personal achievement, respect for self-discipline, and unshakable confidence while making friends in a safe and supportive environment.

Quick! This offer is valid only for our next 13 students in April

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Have Questions?

📲 0411 512 322


📍 59 Frederick Street, Northgate 4013

Staffed Hours:


Tuesday 3:30-5:15 pm

Thursday 3:30-5:15 pm

Saturday 7:45-9:30 am

Sunday 2:45-4:45 pm


4 Reasons to enrol your child at team Compton kids

Broaden your child's social circle

We immerse your child in our safe group of like-minded young champions. Our students build valuable social skills and unbreakable bonds with their teammates.

 confident kids have the advantage

We empower kids all over North Brisbane with the self-esteem and confidence to own who they are. Our students are fine with being different. They do not always need to 'fit in'. This makes them an impossible target for bullies.

Gain peace of mind

Know your child can respond to any threat with unwavering composure. Our students learn how to assert themselves with precise words and decisive actions.

human Chess

"Human chess" is how practitioners describe Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. Our classes are engaging and challenging. They encourage learning from failures and developing a growth mindset. Our students build resilience and healthy habits for the future.

Kids at Team Compton


Get individual attention from coaches who have years of experience teaching kids


No membership contracts, freeze or cancel at any time


Train in regular sports attire; more suitable for competition and self-defence


Learn based on a curated curriculum designed by professional athletes


Learn from coaches who compete in BJJ & MMA professionally; nationally and internationally


Parents online Facebook community


Complimentary merit-based grading system

Kids at "Random Martial arts school"


(Try) to learn from coaches who try to teach kids exactly the same as adults


Try a class then get pushed into a 12-month contract


Buy a $200 dollar Uniform that needs to be replaced every 5 months


Learn whatever the coach feels like showing


Learn from a coach who lacks real combat experience and may teach techniques that aren't stress-tested in real competition


No access to online resources or community


Pay $50 every few weeks for a stripe

Hurry! This offer is strictly limited to our next 13 students only. For April Only.

Our Team


Watch These Kids in Action:

How we make Your child a champion on and off the mats

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6 Week Introductory Bully-proof Blueprint

Age Guide: All Ages
(Limited Time Offer)
Program Goals

At Team Compton Kids we seek to systematically put an end to the bullying cycle.

Due to popular demand we are re-introducing our 6 week bullyproof blueprint to make it easier for parents to ensure their child knows exactly how to stand up for themselves on the playground.

Whats Included?

6 weeks of unlimited training 

1 complimentary private session with our head instructor; where we can carefully explain the subtle details of our verbal assertiveness training & our 3 steps process for engaging bullies (See our FAQ for more details)

A solid foundation for your child; setting them up for long-term success at the conclusion of their 6-week program. Students can now push toward new goals such as earning their next belt, working toward Level 2, or preparing for competition.

Note: Our Bully-proof blueprint is a limited-time offer subject to availability

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Program Level 1

Age Guide 4-8
Program Goals

Be Bully-Proof

Improve behavior and ability to follow instructions

Improve focus; especially in a group setting

Build Confidence and communication skills

Understand our curated curriculum of foundational positions and techniques - setting up a strong foundation for level 2

Competition Eligibility

Program Ranks

- White Belt
- Grey & White Belt
- Grey Belt
- Grey & Black Belt
- Yellow & White Belt
- Yellow Belt


Program Level 2

Age Guide 8-13

Program Goals

In addition to re-inforcing everything from Level 1, in Level 2 we also:

Instill self-discipline and personal responsibility with our core values 

Establish a strong, technical understanding of grappling and striking through increased situational and positional sparring.

Program Ranks

- White Belt

- Grey & White Belt
- Grey Belt
- Grey & Black Belt
- Yellow & White Belt
- Yellow Belt
- Yellow & Black Belt
- Orange & White Belt
- Orange Belt
- Orange & Black Belt
- Green & White Belt
- Green Belt


We acknowledge martial arts might not be every child's cup of tea. That's why we've crafted a robust 'Love It Or Leave It' guarantee, dedicated to providing YOU with absolute peace of mind.


Here's the simple breakdown:

If for any reason you or your child are not absolutely happy with our martial arts classes and want to leave. You can cancel or freeze your chosen program at any time. We will refund 100% of your investment.


No questions asked.